Fowler has integrated its facility services, construction, controls, and specialty trade services to bring a high value sole source approach to maintain and optimize your facility. Fowler’s technical staff and high value labor platform support our client’s facility staff, allowing plant resources more time for core business activity. Our computerized maintenance system and engineering management team allows for efficient management of performance indicators, cost savings ideas, and long term planning.

Facility Services:
Fowler’s on-site services are lead through our engineering team and include all routine and technical maintenance and repair activities. Fowler can also provide a single point of contact for services such as cleaning, landscaping, and recycling, etc. vendors to allow for an integrated low cost facility management solution.

Construction Services:
Fowler project services include Construction Management Service, General Contracting, Control Integration, and Specialty Trade (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), and Renovation Construction. Fowler’s labor blend of craftsmen allows for a quality product at a high value price. Fowler’s commitment reliable system performance and low operating costs, gain from our experience in operating buildings, add a discipline to our construction process. Fowler understands that the sustainable lowering of building operating costs is the result of many good small decisions.

Building Management Systems (Controls) Services:
Fowler utilizes our controls ability to lower construction costs, monitor system performance, and integrate our maintenance and engineering team to our clients building systems.