Our promise of "World Class" service:

Fowler will provide a highly responsive resource to solve facilities related problems. Fowler responds to all facility and process issues, from minor control changes to 24 hour emergency repair. In summary, a "go to" resource that will react to mechanical, plumbing and electrical problems with an intense, deliberate, root cause problem solving focus.

Our Value Proposition:

Your building and its components are your greatest assets. Fowler creates high quality solutions customized to the specific needs and critical requirements for your
facility, designed and engineered to maximize the facilities' level of efficiency, asset life and value while controlling operating expenses and reducing energy costs. Fowler produces environments that optimize your building, personnel and business productivity adding to your profitability and free up capital for reinvestment essential to your prosperity.

Our Capabilities:

The Fowler Company can be part of your engineering, construction and service team. Our engineering management, company diversity, and knowledge of industrial facilities make Fowler the unique choice for all of your Mechanical, Electrical, Pipefitting, Construction and Building Management Controls needs. Our service and management team brings extensive experience in high/medium voltage electrical, mechanical and infrastructure management. Fowler's engineering vision, computerized tasking and disciplined labor allows for the efficient implementation of construction, energy, safety or preventative maintenance plans. Our team has the experience working in facilities such as yours, and the experience in installing your equipment on various projects. This experience and the firsthand knowledge of your critical systems enable us to appropriately allocate and focus our resources on the equipment that directly impacts your bottom line.